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Technical Information About Acrylic #

Acrylic is used in a wide range of industries due to it’s technical properties. It is commonly found in display cabinets, police riot shields, signage, fish tanks and aircraft windows.

Acrylic can be formed and molded using heat. It can be cut with either a laser cutter or circular saw equipped with a special blade. Cut edges can be polished using heat, or buffed using a polishing cloth. It can be joined using special adhesives.

Acrylic, is known as Polymethyl Methacrylate, or PMMA. It is shatter resistant and half the density of glass.

Below is a table showing typical technical properties of Acrylic Sheets

Specific gravity1.19-1.20
Water Absorbtion – 24 hours0.30%
Coefficient of rupture700kg/cm2
Coefficient of elasticity2800kg/cm2
Coefficient of rupture1.5kg/cm2
Coefficient of elasticity2800kg/cm2
Transmission of Light
Transmission(parallel rays)92%
Transmission(full rays)93%
Heat distortion temperature100℃
Coefficient of linear expansion6*10-5cm/cm℃
Temperature of continuous operation80℃
Thermoforming Temperature range140-180℃
Insulating strength20kv/mm