Are you looking for full sheets or custom cut acrylic ?

You have come to the right place. We can supply you with top quality acrylic sheets in various thicknesses. We supply genuine 100% virgin PMMA acrylic. This is very different from most of the acrylic that other companies sell. Our sheets are slightly more expensive than the inferior acrylic you often see advertised. However, the quality is *far* superior.

Things to Keep in Mind

Our Prices

We have some of the cheapest prices in South East Queensland

Plexiglas Pricing

Please contact us if you would like your sheets cut to size or cut using a CNC router.

 Reasons to Use Our Acrylic Sheets

To place an order, please click here.

We have recently set up a new sister company for amazing, super-thick custom-made tarps!

Ph:  (07) 3726 0052


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