We offer a fast-turnaround CNC routing service suitable for all types of acrylic and plexiglas or other suitable materials

Send us your CAD files and we can mill to tolerances within 0.05mm. Alternatively, we can design cutting specs for simple to moderate jobs.

From just $88 for CNC routing (per sheet). For straight cuts you can also take advantage of our panel saw cutting service (for just $3 per cut)

All CNC milling jobs are manually checked prior to printing. Our in-house software will also help you optimise your cutting outlines to minimise wastage.

No job too small (anything from a single sheet to thousands).

Brisbane-based factory available for pickup – or alternatively we can arrange shipment if you meet our minimum 5 sheet criteria.

Please email sales@acrylicsheets.com.au or give us a call on (07) 3726 0052 for more information.